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Boris 6AE uit!

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New Release! Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE Now Available

OpenGL-accelerated Extruded Text, 13 New Filters, Support for AE’s Camera and Lighting System

Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE brings nearly 200 filters to Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe CS4 and Adobe CS3 compositing and video editing applications. The new release features 13 new filters including:



• Extruded Text
• Extruded Spline
• Type-On Text
• Layer Deformer
• Smooth Tone
• DV Fixer and Pixel Fixer

In addition, BCC 6 AE delivers unique workflow enhancements such as:

• Support for After Effects’ Camera and Lighting System
• The ability to import After Effects mask paths into BCC 6 AE filters
• XML-based custom animated presets
• A single-click custom preset navigation tool
• Motion Tracking data import and export in an industry-standard format

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What's New in Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE

13 New Filters: Extruded Text, Type-On Text, Extruded Spline, Layer Deformer, DV Fixer, Smooth Tone, Cartoon Look, Charcoal Sketch, Pencil Sketch, Water Color, Pixel Fixer, Lightning, and Tile Mosaic.

Support for AE’s Camera and Lighting System. Many BCC filters - including Extruded Text, Type-On Text, Extruded Spline, and Layer Deformer - are now integrated with AE’s camera and lighting system.

Import AE Mask Paths into BCC Filters. From 3D text on a path to custom bevel profiles and extruded spline objects, AE masks can now be used to control the geometry of BCC filters. Now there is no need to learn a custom user interface or switch applications to adjust spline shapes. You may take advantage of AE’s familiar mask tools for all custom spline work. Additionally, all BCC 6 AE filters feature the ability to load custom AE spline masks into BCC’s PixelChooser matte and masking system for ultimate control over the filtered result.

Custom Animated Presets. This unique feature lets you save and re-use every parameter animation in every BCC filter - even across hosts and platforms. BCC 6 AE includes 1000+ factory-installed animated presets.

Single-Click Custom Preset Navigation Tool for easy browsing of presets without opening a pop-up box. Both static and animated presets are immediately applied and the host preview window is automatically updated to reflect the selected preset. Over 1500 factory-installed, user-modifiable presets are included with BCC 6 AE.

Built-In Motion Tracker Enhancements are found in almost every filter in the set. You may now save motion tracker data from one BCC filter and load the saved data in another BCC filter or in After Effects itself.

Significant Performance Gains. Every BCC 6 AE filter is either OpenGL-based or multiprocessor-accelerated for ultimate rendering speed on modern computing and graphics platforms.

Boris Continuum Complete 6 for Apple and Avid

Boris Continuum Complete 6 FxPlug for Apple Final Cut Studio and Apple Final Cut Express and Boris Continuum Complete 6 AVX for Avid editing and finishing systems are scheduled for release later in Q1 2009. If you buy BCC 5 FxPlug or BCC 5 AVX as of February 5, 2009, then you will receive a free upgrade to Version 6.


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Last Updated on Thursday, 05 February 2009 17:48  


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Home The News Boris 6AE uit!


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